Breakfast at Wilderness Lodge

It's time for a hearty breakfast on the range at Roaring Fork and Whispering Canyon Cafe!

Christmas at Wilderness Lodge

The beautiful holiday decorations are a big hit at Wilderness Lodge. Check out out photo tour of the native American and Western-inspired decorations.

Wilderness Lodge Lobby

Disney World's Wilderness Lodge lobby is a busy, bustling and majestic, but it's also cozy -- and a true work of art!

Wilderness Lodge Geyser

The Fire Rock Geyser is a unique, fun addition to Wilderness Lodge, and even more punctual than the real Old Faithful herself!

Bay Lake Bout: Wilderness Lodge vs. Contemporary Resort

Wilderness Lodge and Contemporary Resort may look quite different from the outside, but as Bay Lake neighbors, a battle must ensue.

Wilderness Lodge Resort Day

Wilderness Lodge is chock full of activities to keep you busy -- or help you unwind -- as you spend an entire day on resort property during your Wilderness Lodge resort day!

Wilderness Lodge Mercantile: A One-Stop Shop

The Wilderness Lodge Mercantile has the look and feel of a Northwestern general store -- and you can get just about anything you want there, too!

Evening trip: Fort Wilderness

Fort Wilderness is chock full of good eats and nighttime fun for the whole family. Read on to learn about Hoop Dee-Doo Musical Revue, Mickey's Backyard BBQ and more.

Day Trip: Fort Wilderness

Staying at the Wilderness Lodge? Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground is right around the corner and it's filled with daytime activities. So take a visit, and read on for some great day trip ideas.

Wilderness Lodge's Sturdy Branches Health Club

Ready to break a sweat and get your fitness on after a big meal at Whispering Canyon? Or maybe you just want to relax and let the tension go. Either way, the Sturdy Branches Health Club & Spa can help you feel your best!

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