The Music of Wilderness Lodge

You hear it as you step into the lobby…

If you’re a fan of music evoking the Great American West, then you will be a fan of the Wilderness Lodge music played in the resort lobby area.

There’s music from Wyatt Earp, Dances with Wolves, The Last of the Mohicans and … Angels in the Outfield? Yes, really! This music will transport you from a sunny patch near Orlando, to the Big Skies of the American Wild West. Sit down in a rocking chair next to the Grand Canyon Fireplace and relax for a while as you close your eyes and listen to the sweeping epic music of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a Wilderness Lodge music soundtrack CD. If there was, I’d be the first in line to buy it. But there is a way to get your hands on some of the great music played throughout the resort. We’ve got a list compiled below and you can order this classic American music to enjoy in the comfort of your own home directly from either iTunes or Amazon. put together an iMix list of songs and you can download them right here from both iTunes and Amazon. also has a music list great list. does has a significantly different listing of songs for their version of the Wilderness Lodge loop.

Other songs are on the list at Wilderness Lodge, but aren’t available for download. Not all of the links below go directly to a specific song download on Amazon, occasionally the pieces were only available on CD.See the full list from here.

Song Title Purchase From Purchase From
The Buffalo Hunt by John Barry iTunes Amazon
Creation from The Way West by Brian Keane iTunes Amazon
III: Grand Canyon Suite: On The Trail by Leonard Bernstein iTunes Amazon
Main Theme from ‘Silverado’ by Bruce Broughton iTunes Amazon
Main Theme from ‘Last of the Mohicans’ by Trevor Jones iTunes Amazon
Main Theme from ‘The Magnificent Seven’ by Elmer Bernstein iTunes Amazon
Main Title from ‘The Big Country’ by Jerome Moross iTunes Amazon
Prelude from ‘How The West Was Won’ by Alfred Newman iTunes Amazon
Prelude from ‘Wyatt Earp’ by James Newton Howard iTunes Amazon
Ride to Fort Hays by John Barry iTunes Amazon
Rodeo: I. Buckaroo Holiday by Leonard Bernstein iTunes Amazon
Sand Creek Memories by Peter Kater iTunes Amazon
Theme for Earth Day by John Williams iTunes Amazon
Theme from ‘Duel In The Sun’ by 101 Strings Orchestra iTunes Amazon
Top of the World by Randy Edelman & Trevor Jones iTunes Amazon
The Wave by Randy Edelman iTunes Amazon

Do you have a favorite song played at Wilderness Lodge? Leave a comment below!

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