Wilderness Lodge room upgrades: Are they possible?

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Room upgrades at Wilderness Lodge — they’re rare, but possible!

If you’re visiting Wilderness Lodge during a slow time of year, you may just get lucky and be offered a free room upgrade without even having to ask. If it’s a busier time of year, though, you may just need to speak up and ask if an upgrade is possible.

Here’s how: Be polite, smile, and in your sweetest, most chipper voice, ask the cast member if a complimentary room upgrade is available. Be sure to use the word “complimentary,” otherwise they will probably end up charging you.

The cast member will let you know if a free upgrade is available — and whether it’s indeed a complimentary upgrade or an extra cost per night.

If there is a cost, we hear that sometimes, the room upgrade fee is cheaper at this point than it would have been if you booked ahead of time.

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