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Digital Transportation Screen at Wilderness Lodge

On a recent stay at Disney's Wilderness Lodge we noticed an addition to the bus waiting area - the digital transportation screen. These digital screens have been appearing at Disney's Deluxe resorts over the past year or so and they're a great addition to the bus stops.

Water Mice at Teton Rentals

You see them speeding and sprinting across water ways around Walt Disney World, but no where can you have more fun in these two-seater speed boats (commonly referred to as “water mice”) than when you take off to explore Bay Lake from Teton Rentals at the Wilderness Lodge.

Using the Walt Disney World Bus System from the Wilderness Lodge

One of the greatest benefits to staying at a Walt Disney Resort Hotel is that you receive complimentary transportation on property via a wide range of buses, boats, and monorails that move throughout the resort.

Wilderness Lodge Bus service is bus service “available one hour prior to Disney Theme Park opening time up to one hour after Disney Theme Park closing time. Additionally, buses operate until 2:00 a.m. from the Downtown Disney Area”.

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