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Hey all

Started On: 09/08/2010 1:00 am

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Started On: 08/30/2010 3:35 pm

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Started On: 08/24/2010 7:34 pm

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Guests with disabilities

Started On: 05/01/2010 2:12 am

I will be staying at the Villas in just a few short weeks, and will be accompanied not only by two kids with stubby little legs, but also my husband who is a disabled vet, and my mother-in-law who had a knee replacement surgery a few years ago and still needs a cane. What I'm wondering is a) What would be the best room to request? Near the elevator? As close as possible to transportation? I'm not sure how the buildings are situated. How far in advance can you make room requests? And, b) If I explain the situation very nicely, would I be able to get a fastpass at the concierge desk? I don't expect those to be handed out freely, but last year my husband spent the last day of our trip in bed because he couldn't walk! My m-i-l will very likely need a wheelchair after the first morning because her knee implant gives her a lot of pain. Do you need doctors notes or verification from the VA? I really want this trip to go well! Any advice is very much appreciated!

Wilderness Lodge Mercantile Question - Humphrey the Bear stuff

Started On: 01/24/2010 5:57 pm

I am a fan of Humphrey the Bear from the old grin and bear it cartoons by disney. A friend told me the wilderness lodge carried rather large plushes of him. She visited the lodge last year or so, so imagine that is when she saw him. Does anyone know if they still carry him?

Crowd levels

Started On: 12/29/2009 3:20 am

Its been a very long time since Ive visited the Lodge in June (95). What are the crowd levels in the hotel and around the pool?

Mountain bike

Started On: 07/05/2009 9:48 pm

I really dislike the bikes they have for rent , I was wondering if I brought my own bike could they store it for the same price of a all day rental of one of their bikes?

Hi people!!

Started On: 05/21/2009 4:15 am

Hiya all of youz!.. How are yaz doing?

Lincoln Logs

Started On: 04/03/2009 4:00 am

Do they sell lincoln logs in the gift shop at Wilderness Lodge? My DS5 would love to play with them while we're there.


Started On: 03/22/2009 4:44 am

Are pets allowed at Wilderness Lodge? Anywhere on Disney property? Thanks for the site--trying to decide if we're on-site or off-site this fall. Ben James

Silver Creek Springs Pool

Started On: 03/22/2009 12:30 am

Is the pool heated? We're visiting in December and I'm wondering if DD will be able to swim. Thanks!