Wilderness Lodge Totem Poles


Even though the Wilderness Lodge opened recently — in 1994 — the resort is steeped in history and culture. Imagineers and architects spent years developing the intricate details of the resort, including the famous sentinels of the lobby — the totem poles.

Eagle and Raven Clans
When you first walk into the resort, you can almost feel the presence of two massive, 7-story, authentic totem poles. They’re located on either side of you as you look toward the back of the lobby out onto Bay Lake.

The 55-foot poles are known by the animals that top them — the Eagle and the Raven. Traditionally, Native Americans in the Northwest were able to trace their lineage back to either the Raven Clan or the Eagle Clan, and so these two have represented many of the tribes throughout the years.

Humphrey the Bear Totem Pole

The poles are true works of art, and were commissioned by Disney from one of the world’s preeminent Native American historians and totem pole artists. They took over a year to complete! And below the Eagle and the Raven, the totem poles are decorated with dozens of carved animals depicting stories and myths from Northwestern Native American culture.

And the Mickey Clan?
What’s that? You want to know about the other totem pole in the lobby? Well of course!

Over by the Wilderness Lodge Mercantile sits a piece of art that just about any Disney fan would love to have sitting in their living room! Humphrey the Bear provides the base of this innovative totem pole, upon which sit Goofy, Donald, and Mickey — all ready for a trip to the great outdoors!

And guess what — you CAN have it in your living room…well, a smaller version of it, anyway! You can purchase it in the Mercantile!

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