Wilderness Lodge Lobby

Wilderness Lodge lobby

Disney World’s Wilderness Lodge lobby is a busy, bustling and majestic, but it’s also cozy — and a true work of art!

Architect Peter H. Dominick Jr. designed the lobby as a destination in itself. Even if you’re not staying at Wilderness Lodge, the lobby is a must-see.

The lobby is seven stories tall and made out of Lodgepole Pine. While in the lobby, you can’t miss the amazing 82-foot tall, three-sided fireplace surrounded by rustic wooden rocking chairs. It’s the perfect place to warm up with a hot mug of cocoa, take a load off while checking into the Lodge, or curl up with a good book.

The fireplace is a recreation of the rock strata of the Grand Canyon. Fossilized remains of prehistoric plant and animal life are visible, representing 2 billion years of time it took for the layers of rock to form.

Four large chandeliers resembling teepees hang over the lobby, and two 55-foot high totem poles — The Eagle, and the Raven — stand guard at the lobby entrance. The flooring and rugs scattered throughout the multiple seating areas are inspired by Northwest Indian designs.

A bubbling spring originates in the rear of the lobby and appears to continue on outside where it becomes a “waterfall” that “pours” into the main swimming pool.

A lot of folks’ favorite part of the lobby is the majestic background music from movies and TV shows like Wyatt Earp, Silverado and City Slickers. Click here for a list of the background music played in the Wilderness Lodge Lobby.

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