Wilderness Lodge Geyser

Fire Rock Geyser eruption

Wilderness Lodge’s Fire Rock Geyser is a unique addition to the Lodge! It’s also a fan favorite, and made the Top 5 reasons to stay at Wilderness Lodge for some of our facebook fans!

The geyser is located between Wilderness Lodge’s Silver Creek Springs pool and Bay Lake, in the courtyard area of the resort. It’s fashioned to look like Yellowstone National Park’s famous Old Faithful geyser.

You can catch the geyser shooting a plume of water 120 feet in the air every hour on the hour from early morning (about 7 a.m.) to 10 p.m.

If you’d like a view of the geyser from your room, you’ll need to have a room with a courtyard view. But beware, courtyard views sometime look out onto the Wilderness Lodge Villas courtyard, with no view of the geyser. Read more about courtyard view.

Legend has it that shortly after Wilderness Lodge opened, they received complaints from guests with courtyard view rooms that wind was blowing water onto their balconies.

To address this, Disney World reportedly installed a wind gauge. A computer senses wind speed before each eruption and adjusts the height of the water accordingly.

Be sure to check out this video of the geyser erupting!

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