Wilderness Lodge Flag Family

One of our favorite, and most difficult to answer, questions here at Wilderness Lodge Site is, “How can we be the Flag Family?”

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about when I mention the Flag Family, here’s a primer. Each and every single day at the Wilderness Lodge, one family is chosen to be the “Flag Family.” This “family” (could be a solo person or a group of any sort — it doesn’t have to be a family) rises very, very early in the morning to accompany a Wilderness Lodge cast member to the roof of the resort to raise the five flags that fly over the hotel: the American flag, the Florida State flag, the Walt Disney World flag, and two Wilderness Lodge flags.

However, it’s not easy to get a spot as the Flag Family! Reservations to take part go fast, so the best way to increase your chances to participate is to ask about being the Flag Family when you check in at the Wilderness Lodge. Ask the front desk cast member to check the schedule and see if there are any Flag Family openings during your stay!

We’ve never had the opportunity to take part in the fun ritual, but this video should give you a better idea of what takes place:

Good luck! Be sure to drop us a line and let us know if you’re one of the lucky ones!