A Review of Roaring Fork

Roaring Fork quick service

On a recent stay at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge we spent a lot of time at Roaring Fork – usually in the morning for an early pre-park breakfast.

Now, it should be noted that I am not normally a breakfast-before-park kind of person. My standard Disney World “breakfast” is a bottle of Nestle Chocolate Milk and that’s it. I even give up coffee (for the most part) when I’m at Disney World.

However, we were traveling with other family members who like to eat breakfast, so Roaring Fork it was.

Let me just put this out there – I used to like Roaring Fork a lot better several years ago. I loved the old “make your own cereal mixture” but that has gone the way of paper FastPasses. Now the old cereal and yogurt parfait section of the ordering queue is just an ordering queue. Womp-womp.

You can grab a pre-made yogurt parfait from the refrigerator but it’s not the same. There’s still a bakery case and while the chocolate croissant IS delicious I still have some complaints.

My biggest complaint is this: you can’t order any hot food at Roaring Fork until 7 a.m. Now that’s all fine and dandy if you’re a late riser but I’m not a fan. The line to order food tends to get very long VERY quickly once the clock strikes 7 a.m.

And unlike other quick service spots at other resorts, you don’t get your food “quickly” at Roaring Fork. Instead you’re handed a number and you have to find a table in their very small “dining room” and wait for your food to be delivered. Again this causes some serious crowd control issues in the morning.

We didn’t eat dinner at Roaring Fork but when we walked by during the dinner hours it seemed less crowded. A few members of our group grabbed lunch on day and they said the food was “just OK” (granted they didn’t order the Roast Beef and Blue Sandwich like I told them too…so that could be part of the problem).

Overall, I think Roaring Fork needs some improvements starting with a better serving schedule at breakfast. For the size of the resort the quick service restaurant is also rather small but it is doubtful that much can be done about that.

The food was good but you’ll find better options at other resorts (visit Landscape of Flavors at Art of Animation and you’ll see what I mean). I’ll continue to visit Roaring Fork when I’m at Wilderness Lodge but it’ll likely be just for grab-and-go items or lunch/dinner options.

What do you think about Roaring Fork? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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