Questions from Readers

I’ve had a few questions come my way through the website that I simply CANNOT answer. There are so many of you who are experts on the Lodge–I’m hoping you can help us all out!

If you know the answers to any of these questions, drop me a line at [email protected]; I’ll gladly pass your response (and name!) along via this page!

1. Who manufactured the Lodge’s famous hardwood lobby floors?

2. It’s been rumored that a certain rocking chair in the Carolwood Pacific Room begins rocking on its own late at night, and that this is just Walt visiting all of his steam-train related memories. Has anyone heard this, or a similar variation? (We love folklore around here!)

3. “I really dislike the bikes they have for rent. I was wondering if I brought my own bike, could they store it for the same price of an all day rental of one of their bikes?”

Answered! Andrew got a response from WDW via email communication stating:
Thank you for contacting the Walt Disney World Resort. You are welcome to bring your own bike. There is a bike rack available
to store your bike.