New ‘Flip Cards’ at Whispering Canyon Cafe!

One side of new ‘flip card’ at WCC

If you’ve ever dined at the Whispering Canyon Cafe at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge you know that it’s a lot of fun. It’s loud. And if you ask for ketchup you might end up with about 20 bottles (or more) on your table.

But there are some folks out there who want to just enjoy their meal and don’t want to be part of the “show” at WCC. And up until now there really wasn’t a good way to communicate that you’d like to “opt out.”

Well friends there is a way to let your server know that even though you like fun as much as the next table you just want to watch the fun unfold while you enjoy your family-style skillet.

Introducing – flip cards! Now when you’re seated at the Whispering Canyon Cafe your server will leave a “communication flip card” at your table (that’s our unofficial name for them). And if you want to join in the fun you flip the card to the green side that says “Jump in and play.” If you’d rather not join in simply flip the card to the red side that says “Watch from the fence!”

We just love this idea but we want to hear from you – which side of the card will you use on your next visit to the Whispering Canyon Cafe?

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