New 10-Gallon Challenge Sundae Debuts at Whispering Canyon Cafe

10 Gallon Challenge Sundae

We love Whispering Canyon Cafe whether we’re eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner! But now, there’s a new item that isn’t quite on the menu (yet) that you just have to check out!

The 10-Gallon Challenge Sundae is currently in a “test” phase, so while you might not see it on the menu you can order it.

This giant sundae is filled with: Scoops of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and mint-chocolate chip ice cream; pineapple sauce, strawberry sauce, some caramel sauce; a whole slice of apple pie; two cupcakes; two huge chocolate brownies; two Mickey Mouse shaped sugar cookies with dipped chocolate ears; one banana; two Oreos; four toasted marshmallows; two pieces of chocolate covered bacon; and cherries.

Also, it isn’t really 10 gallons – but it is served in a plastic 10-gallon cowboy hat. 😉

We’re not sure how we feel about some of the “ingredients” – specifically the combination of apple pie and mint chocolate chip ice cream. But for the most part it does sound really good!

Our friends at the Disney Food Blog were brave enough to order this sundae and you can check out their review!

Will you be braving the 10-Gallon Challenge Sundae? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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