Big Changes Come to Whispering Canyon Cafe

One side of the ‘flip card’ at WCC

If you love Whispering Canyon Cafe for the fun and crazy antics of the cast members (ketchup, anyone?) you’re not going to like this news.

It’s being reported by many guests that the antics and shenanigans that were the cornerstone of WCC’s popularity have been halted.

No explanation for the drastic change has been given.

A couple years ago, the restaurant had instituted a “flip card” program where guests could choose if they wanted to be part of the fun or if they wanted to just enjoy their meal without ALL the ketchup being delivered to their table. ;-D

We’re not sure if this is a permanent change or something they’re testing right now – but we’re seeing a lot of unhappy fans on social media proclaiming that they’re never going back to WCC.

If we get more details about this change, we’ll post an update!

How do you feel about the change at Whispering Canyon Cafe? Let us know in a comment.


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