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Yellowstone Presidential Suite at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Have you ever wanted a peek inside the Yellowstone Presidential Suite at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge? This 1000 square foot masterpiece is truly a masterpiece of elegant rustic style with every inch designed to spoil the guest and delight the senses. Come take a look.

Wilderness Lodge room upgrades: Are they possible?

If you're visiting Wilderness Lodge during a slow time of year, you may just get lucky and be offered a free room upgrade without even having to ask. If it's a busier time of year, though, you may just need to speak up and ask if an upgrade is possible.

Wilderness Lodge Courtyard View

This blog post is a cautionary tale! It's one of those little-known nuances of the Wilderness Lodge that you won't find out until you stay there, but that could easily ruin your dream vacation: the Courtyard View Room fiasco.

Courtyard View Rooms Are Great...
If you've done your research, you know that Wilderness Lodge has several room views, and that costs go up depending on room view desirability. For example, standard rooms have the lowest prices, and courtyard view rooms have the highest prices.

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